Printmaking, storytelling, research

Researching medieval English history-books inspired me to make prints. These manuscripts contain stories that were once well-known, integral to people’s everyday lives and to their sense of heritage and community. The period I study ends, more or less, with the advent of the printing press in the 15th century. Manuscripts are handwritten books and for most of their thousand-year heyday in the West, they were illustrated manually. Re-imagining these stories in linocut recalls woodcut, a medium that heralded an era of mechanical reproduction.

I explain each scene in more depth below. In the simplest terms, they are pieces of wall art, appropriate gifts for literature-lovers, medievalists, historians, archaeologists, folklorists, goddesses, traitors, magicians… If you would like to purchase a print, just contact me via email or fill in the form below!

I am completing my PhD at the University of Cambridge and I produce my prints at the Black Pig Printmaking Studio. Regular updates can be found via my Twitter and Instagram.